North LIMBURG CUP 2020

The North Limburg Cup is played in the North East of Brabant and the North of Limburg in the region Gennep

New in North Limburg Cup is , we also play in Germany (Goch) and extra location is Malden.

The North Limburg Cup is played in the area North of Limburg in the region Gennep and Goch Germany. About 4 football clubs will host this tournament for two days and all games will be played on grass pitches and artificial. According to tradition the tournament is held in the weekend of Whitsunday, June 30th and 31th 2020.

The group stage games will be played on the Saturday followed on the Sunday by the playoff and final games. On Saturday as well as Sunday you will play half a day, either in the morning or afternoon, which gives you the opportunity to plan other activities.

During the weekend you can make use of our tent camps and delicious food on the venue of Vitesse’08 in Gennep. Teams are not allowed during the tournament to cook their own food or barbeque on the camp site. Steam generators and refrigerators are not allowed on the site as well. We will provide electric power for the rent tents. It is up to you to leave the tent clean as you leave, this also goes for the areas surrounding the tents.
In Holland is below 18 years, non alcoholic.

If you wish to be provided with alternative locations(youthhostel) to sleep, please contact TVG Sports at
The Gennep area is a great place to be this time of year. In the green surroundings you will find among other things Center Parcs “Het Heiderbos”, with a large indoor swimming pool, the river Niers, for canoeing, and the great city centre of Gennep with its rustic buildings and cozy pubs.

Its not allowed to do own accommodation.

I wish all participating teams a nice and fair tournament.

Tiny van Gemert and all hosting football clubs


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